Saturday, April 12, 2014

The West Coast

I have walked alone on the slippery sand
To watch the magic that you create from your wand

You make my beginnings so irrelevent
By painting a picture with colours that are vibrant

On the shoreline you are never silent
Deep inside you are not so violent

You speak in the language of a cool breeze
Always striving to keep your visitors at ease

I have stolen from you, a colourful sea shell
But I am pretty sure you'd have gifted it for my farewell

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Queen

This post is not a review of the movie 'Queen'. It is just a collection of thoughts about the movie, the actress and the effect that it had on me as an audience.

When I was flipping through the pages of a newspaper, I came across an article about how the popular trend was slowly changing in bollywood. It spoke about 'Highway' and the 'Queen '. I was really interested about the latter, because it mentioned that the movie was about a woman who goes to her honeymoon alone.

It sounded a bit weird , but I knew that it would not be a regular bollwood movie. Over the next couple of days I saw read all the praise about the movie on the internet. As always, I was a bit sceptical and unsure about the opinions that I came across. I was a bit bored about the 'discover yourself' genre of cinema .
In spite of all the hesitation, I went ahead and watched the movie, only to find that all my notions about the cinema were wrong. In fact I was super impressed by Kangana Ranaut's acting and the presentation of the movie.

I realised that the movie had three subtle layers within itself. The first one being the actual story i.e. about Rani going out of India and discovering new places , cultures and lifestyles. The second layer consists of a veiled attack on the customs and norms imposed on Indian women by our regressive society. The third layer of the story contains within itself a source of inspiration to every individual to discover himself/herself by diving into new situations/places and shedding our inner fear. The lyrics of the song ' Kinaare ' encapsulates this idea .

khud hi to hain hum. Kinaare.
kaise honge kam. Kinaare
hain jahaan hain hum. Kinaare.
khud hi to hain hum. Kinaare

[ We ourselves are the shores that we must reach
  How can the world restrict your journeys
  The present is a moment/place that we own
  We ourselves are the shores that we must reach]

*My translation might be inaccurate

I was fascinated by actress as much as the movie itself. Once I came out of the theatre, I was wondering about how the real Kangana Ranaut sees the world. What could have inspired her to take up such a character. So, I dug up some of her interviews before and after the release of her  movie. After watching a couple of videos, I came to realise that the movie 'Queen' was more or less a story that described the actress herself. If you watch the interview I that I've shared below, you'll get to know about her story and views about cinema and people.

I've never admired an actress for her convictions and thoughts. After listening this amazing woman, I feel she is one of the persons who inspires me. 

All that I can say right now is- get out of your house/hostel this weekend and watch the movie.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Creepy Spider

There's a  spider sitting in the corner
He keeps watching me forever
I wonder if he's chuckling
At my silly solo dancing

The web that he spins
Is a stark reminder of my sins
That life is an intricate trap
I gotta stop this senseless crap

I wonder if he ever goes to sleep
No wonder he's a bloody creep
This chap is a bit sneaky
He might be peeping into my poetry