The Self Appointed Inci Reporter

The Self Appointed Inci Reporter- An Intro

A painter must paint, a singer must sing and a writer must write (Yeah, we all know that bullshit) . I may never find myself in Inci Press or LSD but here I am, "The Self Appointed Inci Reporter" , bringing you all the action from Inci '12, End of The world Edition (especially for my friends who prefer to doze off in their homes rather than participate in Inci). I won’t sell you the blown up version of a fantastic cultural fest. Every funny “incident” and extraordinary performance at the event will be reported as accurately as possible. I am sorry to say that mediocre happenings will be mentioned but not elaborated.

Day 0

The stage was ready with the customary bouquets, chairs with names of the "dignitaries" on their respective places and of course the candies clad in sarees were walking around the stage. The Inci poster was on the background and projector screens just filled in the empty space. The program didn't start on time (if it did it would've been a dark spot on the brand value of Inci!). The men on stage were Mr. Ashok Kheny MD of the NICE and an alumnus of KREC '72 batch. He is a graduate from the famed "Trical" department. We also had the first convenor of Incident Mr.Umar Teekay . The "beloved" Director Sandeep Sancheti "graced" the occasion with his presence. We had the present convenor Varun Rao and Siddharth M H, president of the student's union seated along with the “big” men.

The program began with a minute of silence to condole the death of an NITK student Shyam Dogre. A young girl named Haripriya set the tone of the program with her passionate recital. This was followed by the "lighting of the candles" and the textbook speech of Mr. Dean  with standard words like "biggest" "best", "team work" , "welcome"  blah blah blah, (I'm sorry if it meant a lot to anybody). Then we had the Inci con recite a Sanskrit poem and speak Hindi and Kannada to "reflect" the "diversity" of our campus. The president of the student union read out the long list of Mr. Kheny's "achievements" in a professional way. I hope that they succeeded in giving him adequate attention. This was followed Mr. Sharukh Khan's PJ on 12 looks like 72 (the year Mr. Kheny graduated from KREC).

The unconventional, politically incorrect Mr. Kheny threw some adult jokes without any hesitation. He reminded the girls that they had this special day (29th Feb) to propose to any man they wanted to marry. He added that he could be considered for such an honour. He asked if any Profs were stripping in the event "striptease". He also said some meaningful words by mentioning the ill-effects of peer pressure and drugs citing the example of his own son.

I missed the first 10 minutes of speech of the first Inci con (which doesn't make me a good reporter). He is now an entrepreneur and runs Teekay Interior Solutions Private Limited, Bangalore. He narrated the story of how a poetic friend of his had convinced others about the name "Incident" for the cultural fest of the then KREC after referring to some debonair magazines in a toilet (pardon me if my facts are incorrect). He was not sure if the name would be retained for more than thirty years. After listening to his story many of us felt that the name should never be changed

The "beloved" director spoke next. However his theory of "social engineering" didn't strike a chord with many listeners. As the dignitaries left dais Mr. Kheny said that he left NITK with a broken heart that day because nobody proposed to him. The remaining part of dance and Inci skit is unworthy of reporting. Of course the grim reaper looked similar to the one you saw on the poster!


This event saved the face of Inci day 0. Many of my friends preferred to return to their rooms. The inauguration had got consumed their limited reserves of patience. Unfortunately they missed some fine performances.

There were five teams who were competing in the Bandish event. Two were from NITK, two from KMC, Mangalore and one from Jain College, Bangalore. The Jain college team pulled off some nice tunes and enthralled the audience with their ragas. The superb violin performance by Tiru's ex-classmate is worth mentioning. The KMC team -1 had a lead singer who wore a dhoti and danced like a rock musician. They tried to sing Vande Mataram but were too immature for mastering that song. The second KMC tried hard to do better but all that I can say to them is – “better luck next time”.
The NITK team one had a talented lead singer who was too excited on the stage. He spent too much energy on dancing with the mike and that definitely brought down the quality of his performance. But the crowd did enjoy this band’s performance.

The best was saved for the end. Nakul and his colleagues from NITK’s music club put up a fantastic show. They sang two difficult songs to perfection. The first one was “Beedi” from Omkara and the “Vande Mataram.” It was very hard to distinguish the original song from the one we heard from these talented musicians. The lead singer Mr. Nakul has participated in the T.V show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. He sang Vande Mataram effortlessly and won the hearts of every single person in SAC. The winners were announced ten minutes later. The first place was bagged by NITK Team led by Mr.Nakul. The second place went to the classy Jain college team. One of the KMC teams received the third prize. It was a great way to finish off a day that comes once in four years. Our vast reserves of patience with all the mediocrity gifted us the opportunity to enjoy the performance of some extraordinary young musicians of our time. Bandish \m/ . See you on day 1.

Day 1
It was one of those busy days. I must say that I had a lot of fun collecting the matter for this piece. Let me share the best and the worst with all you guys.

Lit Events

The events that were scheduled for the morning session were:  Board games, Hindi Debate and Potpourri prelims. Groups of three challenged their grey cells to untangle the jumbled words, break ciphers and excavate the hidden words behind clues. I entered the room and took the question paper only to realise that I suck in word games. Every loser needs an excuse to cheer up. I recalled Sherlock Holme's  ' Brain Attic' theory and convinced myself that I needed no timber in my attic. The situation was not very different at the potpourri prelims. But many bright kids cracked these papers effortlessly. I was at the Ap Mech Seminar hall for five minutes to check out the Hindi debate. The organisers tested the participants' Hindi as well as their ability to analyse and respond to pressing social issues. All in all the lit events lived upto the standards expected of them.


All the tomfoolery on the campus was dumped in one place i.e the informalz stage. Hog a thorn; Deal or No Deal ;Limbo were some of the  cruel jokes played on the participants. If you are stupid, jobless and like public attention you will like the concept of Informalz.

The Underpass

Everybody behind this piece of creative initiative must be congratulated. The Artist's Forum can boast of this piece of work. This distinguishes them from all the clubs who make faint noises about blah blah blah. Simple colorful and eye-catching paintings related to all branches have been immaculately painted. Issues like global warming and water conservation have also been given due attention. Some works of the artists forum members were also displayed on that spot.

Beach Events

The strong sea breeze and the sunshine created the ideal atmosphere for the perfect evening at NITK's private beach. Tug of war, beach volleyball , kabaddi and himalaya's paint-nonsense-using-facepack event managed to keep the kids occupied. The barren beach of NITK was filled with pearls and rubies that evening (you know what I mean). The ap-mech dept prof Mr.Prithviraj played with his camera fitted kite and enjoyed the aerial view of the beach. Perhaps he was unsatisfied with the view his eyes offered him. I thought that I was the only fool who was watching the sunset that evening while others enjoyed and clicked pictures of their friends. The baskin-robbins outlet sold expensive ice-cream. I grabbed the chocolate ice-cream to celebrate my loneliness and walked to the basketball ground to catch some real action.  

Slam Dunk

A match between RVCE,Bangalore and RNSIT,Bangalore was going on. Both teams had brought considerable amount of non-male support for their teams. The beneficiaries of this fact were our own ******** deprived NITK brothers! The two teams put up a good show. There were a lot of oooo.. aaaargh moments during the match. The RVCE team played a technically correct game by passing the ball regularly and retreating at the right time. The RNSIT team played an aggressive game and took too many unwanted risks. Their shots at the basket from outside the box were well aimed but were inaccurate on many occasions. I am sorry to say that I don't know about the winner of that match. Slam Dunk didn't fail in entertaining the audience

Haute Couture : The "Fashion" Show That Happened!!

Two mallu MCs promised a glamorous evening (many would agree that their imitation of a foreign accent was overdone). But it was the  WTF event of the day. The boys came with high expectations to the SAC to have a glimpse of young fashion divas. I could see the disappointment on their faces by the end of the show. Don't expect me to type out the names of the teams and the #@**^!%  stuff they pulled off. The pronite#1 = fail. If your mom asks what you did that night tell her that you were at a flower show.

Pardon me for not reporting about the workshops. I could not collect info about those events.
See you guys tomorrow.

The Self Appointed Inci Reporter – Day 2

A power cut on a hot afternoon ensured that I stayed out of my room. I picked up a chocolate flavour Amul drink and sat beneath a tree in the main ground. I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation of a couple who were walking together towards the mech department.
Boy-Can’t you see the illusion (a mirage) down there? There is a shiny spot on the ground.
Girl- Nooooo, It’s just your imagination!
Boy- Exactly! It is an optical phenomenon.
Girl- Shut up. It’s something that you make up in your mind. I can’t see what you are talking about. (#@!???/\WTF?)

I could see the dumfounded countenance of that lad a moment later.
To my dismay the boy was one of the most talented kids at mech department! (Of course he can’t stop seeing her. \m/Mech) .

I made no attempts to participate in any of the quizzes because I had no timber to unload on the answer papers. I had to indulge in the bad habit of listening to grapevine as a part of this reporter business. But I have omitted grapevine in this report to avoid inaccuracy.

Kannada events

I almost fell in love with the beautiful anchor on stage and seriously jeopardised my reporting job. I must thank Siddharth R Thota (an authority in such matters) for giving me all the info I needed about this girl and saving my heart before it could be broken again.

The antakshari (Kannada) event was held in the SJA. A Kannada film quiz was conducted to choose the participants of antakshari. Questions about Kannada cinema/actors/musicians/songs were asked in the quiz. . The event was planned meticulously and organised professionally. The guys sitting with the lighting equipment had their share of fun. The audience (though small in number) were enthusiastic and noisy. Every small glitch was tackled with ease and agility. Antakshari was a treat for Kannada movie buffs.

Dance Events

Dance is the art form that emerges out of mortals when the movement of the body is in sync with the beats around and the face reflects the emotion hidden beneath the lyrics.

The pattern of heart beats of the audience at SJA were altered for a couple of hours while they were watching the dance performances. Both western and Indian themes were chosen by the participants. A lad named Brian pulled of some brilliant robot moves and earned the audience’s admiration. I had serious doubt about his skeletal structure while he was dancing. The one-face-many-hand theme was attempted by many group performers but was mastered by only one or two teams.

The “Aigiri Nandini “theme performed by the graceful dancers of SDM College was one of the top performances of the day. The portrayal of defeat of the devil by the nine goddesses captivated every last Homo-Sapien(even the atheists) in SJA. Brilliant eye movement, stage synchronisation/organisation, immaculate costume design,perfect timing of moves and passion were the ingredients of this brilliant show. The “Dashavataram” theme presented by another team was another fantastic performance. The well timed artistic formations, creative costume design coupled with awesome music transported me to heaven for a few minutes. The Akal Bhangra (AB) team put up a spirited, energetic and near-perfect show. The fantastic Punjabi Kudiye, colourful dresses and fast beats helped us unravel the real meaning of ecstasy. Inci team can pat its back for providing a platform for these super-talented dancers to showcase their passion.

Beach Events

I walked all the way to the beach to get my Baskin Robbins chocolate ice-cream. A tinge of spontaneous and genuine disappointment crossed my mind when I saw couples walking together. The Ice-cream consoled me to some extent. Beach football was a notable addition to the beach events. A DJ had replaced the Himalaya’s stall. The guy played some cool stuff. Unfortunately there were few dancers making some moves. There was an event where participants were given some coupons for doing the job of a sniffer dog. I took another close look at the art work displayed in the underpass and headed towards the Basketball ground.

Entertainment X

This new experiment at Inci was a grand success. The audience loved the performance and the performers loved the crowd.

The juggling expert Mr.Gunjan Saraf engaged the kids by giving them some juggling tips. His juggling act was liked by kids as well as oldies.

 Mr. Raghavendra Hegde attempted to spread the message of patriotism, devotion, secularism, and love through his Sand Melody Live show (sand art) . The pace of the drawings was in sync with the background music (that made the performance a truly professional one).Those who missed can watch a similar performance in this video

The unconventional and hilarious kokko-koli moves by an artist named Mr.Polali from "Your's Truly Theatre" troupe enthralled everybody irrespective of age and language differences. The audience loved this guy and screamed “once more” several times. The artist heeded to the demands of the crowd and performed another humorous act. The North Indians found it difficult to understand the satire due to the Kannada lyrics in the background music. 

Mr. Saeed Asaf Ali (Winner of nine consecutive Dasara painting contests) made a quick and colourful landscape painting of the lighthouse and NITK beach.He generously presented his work to NITK after he finished the painting.  

Kudroli Ganesh’s Magic performance left many “intellectual” minds gasping for the oxygen of reason. The Transported Man act in the movie ‘The Prestige’ had stunned me. When I saw the magician right behind me few seconds after he went into the box, I felt giddy for a few seconds before I could believe that it had happened. I still wonder if there was a double of Kudroli Ganesh. His other acts were equally mind boggling. His confidence on the stage and creativity off stage made him one of the star performers of Inci 2012. This night was an incident in the lives of those seated in SAC that night. I am proud to say that day ended on a high note.

Will catch you  tomorrow with all the Inci news. 

The Self Appointed Inci Reporter-Day 3

One doesn’t expect a challenge as formidable this in an insignificant career. There were few moments when I almost decided to quit as Inci reporter. I must say that it took a lot of effort to carry on this series of reports amidst turbulent and uncertain times.

The Alumni Performance @ SJA

There are few difficult transformations that every individual has to go through in his/her life. The hardest one is the transformation from a student to an alumnus of your college. The fun and frolic is replaced by responsibility and pursuit of success. You suddenly realise that your best buddies will not be living next door anymore. Your guitar is snatched by the invisible hand of fate and a laptop is fitted to your hands . You are no longer a free bird that you used to be. You are tied to your desk by a Gordian knot.

Memories of an illustrious 1995-batch NITK band were relived on SJA stage. The T-shirt and shorts were replaced by a full-shirt and a pant. Long unkempt hairs had made way for routine gentleman hairstyles. But the lads were still 20 year olds when it came to an on stage music performances. They had not lost their passion and love for music. In fact they had added more sense and experience into the lyrics they sang over the years. One of the alumni sang “Imagine” By John Lennon to perfection. Hindi oldies and recent Kannada flicks like “Mungaru Male” were also performed by the band. A guitar performance coupled followed by the song “Iktara” enthused the audience that afternoon. They ran into their own priceless memories on stage as they performed. We had the opportunity to listen to some of those memorable chronicles. One of the alumni of 1981 batch sang “roop tera mastana” and two more Hindi oldies.  There was a dance performance by an alumnus after that.
We found ourselves clapping our hands and waving our arms throughout the afternoon.

The Vintage Auto Expo

The Vintage Auto Expo was a display of bikes and cars of yore. Their antiquity and beauty is hard to capture in words. The 1950 Ambassador bikes, 1986 Vespa Pl170 scooter, 1978 Rajdhoot GTS, 1939 DKW (German bike), JAWA, 1988 MOFA were some of the old bikes on display. Two American military jeeps (operational during 1950) and an AUDI car were also on display in the show. I found it hard to remember all the names. All in all it was a cool place to be on a hot afternoon.


There were a good number of dancers making their moves to DJ's music on the beach. I tried beach football for five minutes and found that it was more difficult than normal football. Beach cricket and "baseball" were the couple of additions to the menu of events at beach. Air banding gave some genuine entertainment to the kids. 

The Curious Case of Sonu Nigam

Many out-station guests as well NITKians were eagerly gearing up for the much publicised Sonu Nigam concert. Unfortunately Sonu fell “ill” and the event was postponed. The Indian mind has infinite ability to compromise. Nobody complained much about the postponement. The Inci organisers were in damage control mode for the rest of the evening. Arrangements were made for refunding money to those who had bought pronite passes. Disappointment was the “mood of inci” on day 3.

A .Nothing can spoil the spirit of inci.
B. Get us sonu or go to hell.
C. Cool down yaar. He’s going to come on Monday.
D. Bunk the classes till Sonu comes.

The brand value of Inci is at stake. The organisers will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to save the face of NITK.

DJ Night

A DJ night was organised as a replacement for the Sonu concert. The organisers must be congratulated for organising an event in such a short span of time. Forced oscillation was the order of the day at SAC.Everybody would agree that nothing could’ve adequately filled in the vacuum created by Sonu Nigam’s absence.
\m/ The limitless humour of the almighty \m/

The Self Appointed Inci Reporter- Last Day

The Inci Reporter lost interest in reporting the morning and afternoon session of the last day after getting to know that Sonu Nigam concert was cancelled (or was it “postponed” to next Inci?). Unfortunately I missed the western dance event promenade that was held in SJA. Guys who attended that event told me that it was good.

Basketball Finals
The teams in girls’ basketball finals were SJCC and BMSCE. Last year’s winners SJCC bagged the first place again. The best player on the court was a short girl from SJCC team named “Sandy” (contrary to the belief that tallness=greatness in basketball). The match was interesting (all you guys know why). The team that made least mistakes won the match.(Feminine celebration was a treat to watch).

The teams in the boy’s final match were SJCC and Jain College. An intense competition between the two teams was enjoyed by the crowd. SJCC had the upper hand in the first quarter. But they made too many fouls and missed many easy chances as the match progressed. The margin for error was too small.

The prolonged conversations between the referee and the coaches spoiled the spirit of the game to some extent.(The referee looked like one of the cabinet ministers of Karnataka government!!). Many people in the audience were unaware of the rules of basketball. However most of them could appreciate the quality of game displayed by the two teams. SJCC could not raise their game to the occasion (especially in the last two quarters) Jain college won the match in style.( The final score was 85-71). Slam Dunk ended on a high note.

Rock enthusiasts had their time at SAC today. However the “lesser” mortals couldn’t connect to the music. Much of it sounded like crass cacophony to the rock illiterates.

The winning team of “Pulse” of performed two or three English songs. I was unable to catch much of the lyrics but the man on the guitar was damn good. A Tulu song “kasijji kasijji” was performed by the band. (The locos went berserk for a few Minutes.\m/ Tulu Rock.)

Jailbreak band had a lead singer who wore a skirt. The man on lead guitar had grown enough hair to hide his face. The other guitarist looked like a sailor of a pirate boat. Their music was enjoyed by rock maniacs. Many sat there and watched the show silently. I would’ve loved to know what was going on in their minds. I returned to my room at 10.30.

Inci 2012- A summary
Many new initiatives and experiments were tried at Inci 2012. Adventure sports and Entertainment X were the successful new additions to Inci. The Inci t-shirt was much better than the one we had last time. Unfortunately Inci 2012’s trump card i.e., Sonu concert could not be held. The brand value of Inci has taken a severe drubbing due to the cancellation of this much anticipated event. Next year’s Inci team has the herculean task of rebuilding Inci’s image. Many would think twice before calling this year’s cultural fest an “Incident” in their lives.

The Self Appointed Inci Reporter-An Experience

The self appointed Inci reporter worked without a badge around his neck. Two attentive eyes and a pair of busy legs are the two assets of a wannabe reporter. I am a bit more certain that I have these two attributes after this assignment. Many would call this series of reports a “publicity drive” or “needless bullshit”. But for me it was a small project, a test of competence. I thoroughly enjoyed my job. I hope that you enjoyed reading these articles. The Self Appointed Inci Reporter signs off.

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